Business Development in Railway, Defence & other govt-sector

Business Development in Railway , Defence & other govt-sector

Government procures goods & services from the private sector for their operational needs. The process by which governments and state-owned enterprises purchase goods and services from the private sector is referred as public procurement.

In India public procurement accounts for more than 20% of the GDP. Public procurement provides great business opportunities for MSMEs, other private companies and DPIIT recognized startups.

Benefits of Government Procurement –

  • Strengthens economy
  • Provides great business opportunity for MSMEs and other private companies
  • Helps improving quality-output and efficiency of product & services
  • Promotes innovation in product design and process

As public procurement utilizes a substantial part of tax payers’ money , a strict procedure is followed by the governments. It ensures that the procurement process is transparent, fair and  efficient and the wastage of public resources is minimal.

Arrow Business Development Consultancy

ARROW Business Development Consulting Services shares its knowledge and skills to provide end to end solutions in various public procurement processes. Our services are customized as per the specific need of our clients and assistance required in one , multiple or complete procurement process.

Vendor Registration

Government is a single largest buyer of goods from private sector. For any manufacturing set up interested to supply their goods/products to government they need to do the Vendor Registration.

ARROW Business Development Consultants helps with the Vendor Registration of varied Government organizations.

Account Management

Senior Consultants at ARROW business being ex- railways and ex-defense have in-depth and thorough knowledge and understanding of the public procurement processes. We provide complete account management consulting for our clients.

Our account management consulting includes..Tender management – providing training and technical guidance for tenders; Handling Purchase Order  and the Payment process.